The top things you shouldn’t text

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As I sit here writing this blog entry – I realize how many things I do online or in a text.  I pay my bills online, send messages, make appointments, pretty much everything I do is through email/text.  It has become such an amazing convenience in so many ways. Except for one big old thing that I see suffering all around me – RELATIONSHIPS.  I know this is labeled under the “Fun” category and I guess that is because I am not sure where else to put it. But I hope this is a topic you can relate to…because I don’t think I am alone here. As great as my cell phone is, I have a hard time listing emergency contacts now … You with me?  If you asked me to tell you my long term ex boyfriends number..I would have to look it up.

After a recent text message – I got inspired to put something out there that is really frustrating to me. Certain things should not be said over text. Of course it is convenient and much easier than face to face communication… but come on, what is this world coming to when we text everything??



Check out what I think are the absolute WORST things you could do Via text and please post your comments…I’m dying to see what your thoughts are on this topic.


  1. Condolences – unless you are sending condolences for losing something from being drunk (sorry you lost your shoes last night…) Don’t do it.
  2. Big secrets – “OMG can you believe so and so is pregnant?!?!”  should not be sent in a text.
  3. Calling in sick – Unless you can’t talk due to severe strep throat, always better to pick up the phone and call
  4. Sincere apologies – Sending sincere apologies in a text just doesn’t cut it.  If you feel that bad, don’t you think it would be worth it to call or say sorry face to face?
  5. Break up- I don’t even think this one needs an explanation – if you can’t see why, then you probably don’t deserve to be in a relationship with another person anyway.
  6. Happy birthday to best friend/family – what happened to the good old singing happy birthday?? I can’t express how many times a year someone tells me I was the ONLY person to call and sing…come on people…If its someone semi close – I feel ya. I am talking mom/dad/brother/sister/best friend status 😉

Okay – Maybe I am being dramatic but if you are reading this, I hope you can sympathize with the frustration I feel right now. Not to say I myself have never sent a text that should have been handled in person or over the phone, but I really try to communicate as much as possible IN PERSON. Something has happened to our personal communication and I want to see if there is anything I can do about it.  I will be sure to think about these 6 things anytime they come up and even when a text seems easier – I will be sure to call or talk in person.

If we could all start doing this I believe it would create more healthy and happy relationships!  Please spread the word if you agree 😀 Cheers!!




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