Fall into fitness…anywhere

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Welcome to the fall, although in many places where the sun is still shinning it sure doesn’t seem like it’s autumn.  I spend so much time in different gyms that my FAVORITE place to workout is outside.  I would much rather use my own body weight and have a nice setting around me to play around and get physical.


If you are looking to tone up and work on your flexibility – here are a few moves you can incorporate RIGHT NOW to your routine. These awesome toning exercises are a perfect way to work in some strength training and stretching at the same time.  And, there is no equipment needed.


Perform each exercise for up to 1 minute per side/leg.  Eventually you may even get up to a few minutes at a time, just make sure your form is not compromised for time.

Warrior III – this killer yoga move really will help with your balance and stability.  Start standing on one leg and extend the other leg behind you while you slowly hinge forward. Once you have fully extended your back leg, reach your arms forward.  Hold this and breathe deeply

Reverse plank – Flashdance anyone??  This move is a great way to tighten and tone the areas you can’t see (but everyone else can;)  Start in a seated position and press your palms underneath you, lifting your hips up towards the sky.  Tilt your head back, relaxing your neck and shoulders and slowly raise one leg.

Side plank – lay on your side and press your palm into the ground as you lift your hips up.  Be sure to engage your core and then extend your upper arm.


 Working out is something that you must spend time on consistently. It is fall, which is a perfect time to fall in love with your physical condition.

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