Healthy GREEK pumpkin bread :)

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  Happy Fall!  It’s the time of the year where everything gets a little extra spicy, whether it be your latte, your ice cream or your salad – the leaves are changing, the weather is starting to cool and all … Continued

Fall into fitness…anywhere

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Welcome to the fall, although in many places where the sun is still shinning it sure doesn’t seem like it’s autumn.  I spend so much time in different gyms that my FAVORITE place to workout is outside.  I would much rather … Continued

My favorite new snack

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I am CONSTANTLY on the go – and I have to make sure I eat!  I recently got this delicious protein packed nut butter from my friends nutrition store.  I loved the flavor and I decided to slap it on … Continued

Your vibe attracts..

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Your vibe attracts your tribe.  This is such a simple and truthful statement.  I am BIG on energy.  What I put out, what I feel…I rely on my intuition more than anything.  We all have so many reasons to NOT … Continued

Find your happy place

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Is there a place you have been and completely fell in love that your heart breaks to leave?  After lots of travel as a flight attendant, many countries, cities, adventures- I have realized my heart is so…GREEK. Half by blood … Continued

Find love in the kitchen

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From the time I was 5, I enjoyed being in the kitchen.  Watching my mom and Yiayia prepare all of these tasty dishes for our family.  There was a tight bond we created and the older I get, the more … Continued

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